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The Giant Watusi - Documentary about Belgian Ruanda-Urundi

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Belgisch Congo
gepubliceerd op 02/Juli-/21 / In Film & Animatie / Documentaire

A Giant People - Watussi of Africa. The daily life of a Watussi Prince and his family in 1930's Rwanda.. 1930s, East Central Africa, highlands, Rwanda, Watussi people, Tutsi, village, thatched huts made of clay, familly of Prince Muikarago preparing for breakfast, server assisting family seated in hut in washing their hands and drying with palm leaves, servers carrying containers of food into hut, Prince Muikarago talking with son, Princess feeding daughter bananas, server putting food into bowls, Prince and son eating, Prince and son leaving hut and waving goodbye, Princess seated net to daughter weaving ornamental wall mat, daughter playing with clay cows, Princess inspecting coffee tray with daughter and servant, Princess overseeing women churning coffee in jugs, Prince and son inspecting royal cattle herd, prince and herdsman attending to sick cow, Prince's son playing Mancala like game with other boys, boy telling Prince's son that leopard had been seen nearby, Prince's son telling father about leopard, Prince instructing son to summon bowmen and spearmen from Wahutu hunters, Prince's son summoning hunter from hut, hunter sounding call for other hunters, Prince's son running into his family's hut, Princess giving son dancing costume, Prince's son supervising dance of Wahutu farmer ceremonial dance, famers dressed in traditional ceremonial clothing throwing hoes into air and performing ceremonial dance, chief instructing dance rehearsal of royal pages, Prince's son dressed in ceremonial attire, Prince's son and royal pages performing ceremonial dance, Wahutu men pouring fermented honey and milk into vessel, Prince's son signaling Wahutu farmers to drink from vessel, Prince's son and royal pages laughing at farmers drinking from vessel, Prince's son walking home through field and running to meet father and hunting party, Prince's son examining dead leopard, servant washing Prince's son's feet, Princess placing daughter in bed and lowering curtain of dead reeds in front, Princess kissing son goodnight, son going to sleep, Princess removing lit reeds from clay hearth.

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