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British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery visits the Belgian Congo (1947)

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Belgisch Congo
gepubliceerd op 22 Nov 2021 / In Wetenschap / Geschiedenis

1947, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery visits Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo where he is greeted by the Belgian Vice Governor, General Petillon, the British Consul, Mr Hirchbert, and a regiment of the Belgian Colonial Army, the Force Publique.

Montgomery, the son of an Ulster clergyman, was educated at St. Paul’s School, London, and the Royal Military Academy. Having served with distinction in World War I, he was recognized as a first-rate trainer of troops, with a forcible insistence on physical fitness, youth, and efficiency in leadership. Early in World War II, he led a division in France, and, after the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk, he commanded the southeastern section of England in anticipation of a German invasion.

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