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China's Three Gorges Dam hits 23-year high; Gene test linked to Chinese military sold to world

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gepubliceerd op 08 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

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Nations are scrutinizing a Chinese-made genetics test. The test is used on pregnant women around the world. And the company that produces it has ties to the Chinese military.

When exactly did the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak begin in Wuhan? A top epidemiologist reveals he first heard about it back in mid-December 2019—two weeks before it was reported to the World Health Organization.

China's Three Gorges Dam sees a 23-year record high water level. Landslides strike China in at least three areas, destroying homes and killing several people along the way.

NATO voices concerns about China’s nuclear expansion.

And a European country no longer wants its ambassador in China. This comes after a disagreement with Beijing over Taiwan’s opening of a de-facto embassy.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Gene test linked to CCP army sold to world
02:21 Scientist: pandemic came weeks before warning
03:30 China's Three Gorges Dam hits 23-year high
04:27 Landslides destroyer homes in Southwest China
05:05 China clamps down on celebrities and fans
07:37 Chip crisis: Chinese auto production cut half
10:12 Bentley ex-design head jumps to Chinese Geely
11:36 Lithuania recalls its ambassador from China
13:27 NATO alarmed by China's nuclear expansion
14:45 Philippines admiral suggests joint military drill
16:12 UK orders review of graphene firm takeover
17:31 Chinese surveillance cameras in UK health dept.
19:07 Guinea coup sends metal prices soaring

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China's #ThreeGorgesDam hits 23-year high; Gene test linked to Chinese military sold to world
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