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Building "La Primavela' - Small Boat Building Course - SAILCARGO INC.

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Throughout March 2019 we had some very special visitors at the AstilleroVerde!

Master boat builder Bert van Baar came all the way from the Netherlands to lead a small-boat building course attended by local artisanal sustainable fishermen from the nearby fishing village of Costa de Pajaros, just across the water from the shipyard.

The result was 'La Primavela' a small wooden vessel suitable for low-impact fishing in the area. It was made entirely from wooden offcuts from the Ceiba build project.

The course was entirely funded by donations through our accredited non-profit Shipyard Association. We hope to run more courses like this in the future to support the local fishermen in their journey towards sustainable fishing practices. We're actively seeking funding to build the required infrastructure to deliver these courses - and more - to the highest possible quality in future. To donate any portion of the $12,000 needed, contact us today!

For more information please email
Follow us everywhere @SAILCARGO and instagram @AstilleroVerde

Filmed by Finn Richardson
Drone Footage by José Pablo Porras Monge
Edited by Finn Richardson
Music: 'Lightening Bugs' by Geographer

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