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Blondie | Live in Sydney | Full Concert

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Rudy Deelen
gepubliceerd op 27 Jun 2021 / In Muziek / Live

Blondie emerged from the late 70’s New York punk scene and quickly became music, style and pop culture icons selling more than 40 million albums. They scored hits with reggae, rock/disco, hip hop and pop songs bursting with great hooks and brilliant, ironic lyrics. ‘Heart Of Glass’ was Blondie’s first US #1 in 1978 opening the floodgates to a run of 14 Top Ten US hits including ‘The Tide Is High’, ‘Call Me’, ‘Rapture’, ‘Picture This’, ‘Rip her To Shreds’, ‘Hanging On The Telephone’, ‘Union City Blues’ and ‘Atomic’, racking up a phenomenal five US and five UK number one singles.
Moshcam captured them live at The Enmore Theatre Sydney on Dec.8 2010.

0:00:00 D Day
0:04:24 Intro to Hanging On The Telephone
0:04:54 Hanging On The Telephone (The Nerves)
0:07:00 Union City Blue
0:10:34 Intro to The Hardest Part
0:11:12 The Hardest Part
0:14:54 Love Doesn't Frighten Me
0:18:37 Intro to Maria
0:19:06 Maria
0:23:12 What I Heard
0:27:17 Orchid Club
0:30:19 Atomic
0:36:28 The Tide Is High
0:43:47 Intro to Rapture
0:44:31 Rapture
0:50:51 No Exit
0:53:02 Mother In The Night
0:56:30 Intro to Call Me
0:56:48 Call Me
1:01:06 One Way Or Another
1:06:25 Encore - Monologue/Intro
1:07:23 In The Flesh
1:09:54 Heart of Glass

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