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Bill Gates Has Sold Huge Stock Positions: A Warning To All Investors

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gepubliceerd op 20 Aug 2021 / In Nieuws & Politiek

If you look at Bill Gates recent moves in the first quarter of 2021 he's sold 14 stocks & bought just 1. The question is why?

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Thanks to the SEC, every 3 months we’re lucky enough to get a peak into what investors like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett & Ray Dalio are buying and selling. Legally they have to disclose this to the public, or else they’d be more than happy to do it behind closed doors. Now I’ve just been analyzing the stock trades of one of the wealthiest men on the planet, Bill Gates. And if we look at his moves, they will intrigue you…

So, in quarter 1, 2021, he sold out of 14 of his stock positions. Some he sold 100% of & some he reduced by big percentages. Then if we click & look at how many stocks he bought in the first quarter of 2021, it was just 1 stock. A stock by the name of Coupang, which we’ll look at a bit later on in the video…

But 14 stocks sold, and only 1 stock bought is very intriguing. So let’s go over the stocks that he sold & I got to tell you, I don’t know how happy his billionaire friends are going to feel about it…

So he sold 100% out of Liberty group A & Liberty group C. Liberty is a telecommunications company based on broadband services, mobile services & telephone services. Next very interesting, he sold 100% of his twitter stock. Jack Dorsey I’m sorry but Gates is no longer an investor. Amazon, Jeff Bezo’s e-commerce company he also sold 100% out of.

Very interesting, because if we take a look at Amazons stock price it’s up over 80% since the pandemic in 2020. So maybe he’s just sold out of this because he thinks it’s overvalued. But Amazon wasn’t the only big company on Gate’s selling list, Apple was let go of as well. We can see that Gates sold 100% out of his Apple position over 1 million shares sold.

So those are some big companies that Bill doesn’t want a piece of anymore, Apple, Amazon & Twitter! Next let’s look at the stocks that he’s reduced… So Liberty Global C he reduced massively by 86%, as well as the general liberty global by 82%.

FedEx & UPS the delivery companies both were reduced by significant amounts. 50% & 38%. Walmart the largest retailer in the world, 4 million of his shares were sold there, worth 35% of his portfolio. Jeez Gates has done a lot of selling!

Next on the list is Canadian national railway, something which he’s been a long time holder in, Gates sold 18% of position. Now 18% compared to how much he sold of the rest of his positions is relatively small, but normally this would be considered a big sell.

Now one of Gates long-time friend is someone called Warren Buffett, Aka the greatest investor in the world, & Gates has been an owner in Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway for some time now.

However as we can see, he’s just sold a decent chunk of it. He reduced his position by 11.9%, 5 million shares sold, worth 6% of Gates entire portfolio. Very interesting move, because most of Buffett’s investors hold their stock for life & never sell. However Berkshire Hathaway is still Gates number 1 position worth $9 billion dollars 4 times bigger than his second largest position.

And his last 2 positions that he sold was caterpillar & crown castle international, he reduced them by 9.8% & 4.6% respectively. So there you have it, 14 stocks sold already this year, some of those positions he completely sold out of. Apple, Amazon & Twitter all gone.

The one stock that he did decide to buy was a south Korean e-commerce company by the name of Coupang. Coupang is a company that only went public in March this year, and some people are touting it, as South Koreas version of Amazon. Except it’s still very much in it’s early growth phase, as they’ve had a $295 million dollar net loss. Most of their money has gone into expanding their business…

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