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C++ Programming Course - Beginner to Advanced

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Rudy Deelen
gepubliceerd op 18/Februari/22 / In ICT / Programmeren

Learn modern C++ 20 programming in this comprehensive course.

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✏️ Course developed by Daniel Gakwaya. Check out his YouTube channel:
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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐
(0:00:00) Introduction

(0:04:32) Chapter 1: Setting up the tools
Installing C++ Compilers on Windows
Installing VS Code on Windows
Configuring Visual Studio Code for C++ on Windows
Installing C++ Compilers on Linux
Installing Visual Studio Code on Linux
Configuring Visual Studio Code for C++ on Linux
Installing C++ Compilers on MacOs
Installing Visual Studio Code on MacOs
Configuring Visual Studio Code for C++ on MacOs
Online Compilers

(1:43:01) Chapter 2: Diving in
Your First C++ Program
Errors and Warnings
Statements and Functions
Data input and output
C++ Program Execution Model
C++ core language Vs Standard library Vs STL

(3:00:47) Chapter 3: Variables and data types
Variables and data types Introduction
Number Systems
Integer types : Decimals and Integers
Integer Modifiers
Fractional Numbers
Characters And Text
Variables and data types summary

(4:46:46) Chapter 4: Operations on Data
Introduction on Data operations
Basic Operations
Precedence and Associativity
Prefix/Postfix Increment & Decrement
Compound Assignment Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Output formatting
Numeric Limits
Math Functions
Weird Integral Types
Data Operations Summary

(7:01:58) Chapter 5: Flow Control
Flow Control Introduction
If Statements
Else If
Ternary Operators
Flow Control Summary

(7:53:49) Chapter 6: Loops
Loops Introduction
For Loop
While Loop
Do While Loop

(8:47:08) Chapter 7: Arrays
Introduction to Arrays
Declaring and using arrays
Size of an array
Arrays of characters
Array Bounds

(9:53:23) Chapter 8: Pointers
Introduction to Pointers
Declaring and using pointers
Pointer to char
Program Memory Map Revisited
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Dangling Pointers
When new Fails
Null Pointer Safety
Memory Leaks
Dynamically allocated arrays

(12:11:04) Chapter 9: References
Introduction to References
Declaring and using references
Comparing pointers and references
References and const

(12:44:29) Chapter 10: Character Manipulation and Strings
Introduction to Strings
Character Manipulation
C-string manipulation
C-String concatenation and copy
Introducing std::string
Declaring and using std::string

(14:12:47) Chapter 11: Functions
The One Definition Rule
First Hand on C++ Functions
Function Declaration and Function Definitions
Multiple Files - Compilation Model Revisited
Pass by value
Pass by pointer
Pass by reference

(16:03:20) Chapter 12: Getting Things out of functions
Introduction to getting things out of functions
Input and output parameters
Returning from functions by value

(16:32:35) Chapter 13: Function Overloading
Function Overloading Introduction
Overloading with different parameters

(16:49:00) Chapter 14: Lambda functions
Intro to Lambda Functions
Declaring and using lambda functions
Capture lists
Capture all in context

(17:40:08) Chapter 15: Function Templates
Intro to function templates
Trying out function templates
Template type deduction and explicit arguments
Template parameters by reference
Template specialization

(19:04:31) Chapter 16: C++20 Concepts Crash course
Intro to C++20 Concepts
Using C++20 Concepts
Building your own C++20 Concepts
Zooming in on the requires clause
Combining C++20 Concepts
C++20 Concepts and auto

(20:15:40) Chapter 17: Classes
Intro to classes
Your First Class
C++ Constructors
Defaulted constructors
Setters and Getters
Class Across Multiple Files
Arrow pointer call notation
Order of Constructor Destructor Calls
The this Pointer
Size of objects

(22:52:43) Chapter 18: Inheritance
Introduction to Inheritance
First try on Inheritance
Protected members
Base class access specifiers : Zooming in
Closing in on Private Inheritance
Resurrecting Members Back in Context
Default Constructors with Inheritance
Custom Constructors With Inheritance
Copy Constructors with Inheritance
Inheriting Base Constructors
Inheritance and Destructors
Reused Symbols in Inheritance

(26:21:03) Chapter 19: Polymorphism
Introduction to Polymorphism
Static Binding with Inheritance
Dynamic binding with virtual functions
Size of polymorphic objects and slicing
Polymorphic objects stored in collections (array)
Overloading, overriding and function hiding
Inheritance and Polymorphism at different levels
Inheritance and polymorphism with static members
Virtual functions with default arguments
Virtual Destructors
Dynamic casts
Polymorphic Functions and Destructors
Pure virtual functions and abstract classes
Abstract Classes as Interfaces

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