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If you give the covid vaccine to kids you are commiting a crime

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Peter.t.j. Wauben
gepubliceerd op 29 May 2021 / In Mensen & blogs

⁣All vaccines cause blood clots. Explanation in this video. These clots are potentially lethal. Join the discussions telegram group with 10500 members:
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CeNsUuReVrIj 6 maanden geleden

The TV [ Tell-a-Vision ] and the other propaganda means of MSM keep the mayority of the public away from mind bogglingly important info like in THIS video.
I am 56 years old and last week I received an invitation for poisoning from the Destroyers aka government. It went straight to the pile of other irrelevant advertising brochures and old paper!! If the toilet paper runs out, I can still use it to wipe my ass.

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