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MORE BBC CALLERS Drop Truth BOMBS And Get Cut OFF! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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gepubliceerd op 14/Augustus/21 / In Mensen & blogs

⁣This is absolutely amazing! We need a LOT more of this!

Ring into your local propaganda (BBC/MSM) radio stations. When they ask you why your calling tell them a story a propaganda artist wants to hear.

Example: I used to be the biggest anti vaxxer, then I got Covid and now I have changed my mind completely and I want to get this message through to people that they need to be jabbed.

They will ring you immediately. Then you use your time on air to put a truthful message across!

Even if you get cut off it doesn't matter! It shows all the people listening live how desperate they are to censor people with legitimate questions. So it's a win win for us!

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