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Biden Addresses Crisis in Afghanistan; A Dozen Oil Industry Groups Sue Biden Administration | NTD

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gepubliceerd op 17 Aug 2021 / In Nieuws & Politiek

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00:00 NTD Evening News—8/16/2021
01:45 Biden: U.S. Involved Only Against Terrorism
05:08 Taliban Seize Afghan Capital, Declare Victory
08:26 Mission to Secure Kabul Airport: Pentagon
10:45 Decades of War in Afghanistan Comes to an End
13:19 World Leaders Respond to Taliban Takeover
15:25 Biden to Increase Food Stamp Benefits
18:05 A Dozen Oil Industry Groups Sue Biden Admin.
19:38 TX Supreme Court Blocks Local Mask Mandates
21:14 U.S. Probes Tesla Autopilot Crashes
23:14 New Yorkers Rally Ahead of Vaccine Passport
26:14 Top Democrat Takes Aim at Fake Vaccine Cards
30:34 Dixie Fire Rages On, Only 31% Contained
31:51 Man Stabbed at Vax Protest Leaves Hospital
33:09 LA Councilman Charged With Election Fraud
35:42 U.S. Sends Nuclear Subs to the Pacific Ocean
36:56 U.S. Adm. Warns of China’s Nuclear Power
38:15 Amazon Suspends 50K Chinese Sellers
39:14 HK’s Biggest Pro-Democracy Group Ends
42:15 Death Toll From Haiti Quake Doubles
43:45 Canadians to Have an Early Election in Sept.
45:08 Mexico Hastens Migrant Expulsions w/ Flights
46:43 France: 5th Week of Anti-Health Pass Protests
48:45 Italian Car Design Shown in Moscow
50:41 Classic Disney Unveils New Wheelchair Costumes

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Biden Does 'Not Regret' Withdrawing Troops; A Dozen Oil Industry Groups Sue Biden Admin. | NTD

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