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Protesters rally against COVID health pass in Italy and France

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gepubliceerd op 01 Aug 2021 / In Nieuws & Politiek

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Anti-Green Pass protesters took to the streets of Italy and France, as their respective governments are introducing the document in response to the pandemic.

In both countries, the health pass is required to access to public spaces, such as restaurants, museums and cinemas.

Protesters believe that the Green Pass infringes their liberties. 'The Patriots' leader and French presidential candidate Florian Philippot argued: "The Green Pass both in Italy and in France, it's horrible. It creates two categories of citizens. It is against freedom and it is a system of discrimination." 

In Italy, protesters equated the government measures, intended to curb COVID infections, to the Nazi regime and the Holocaust. This comparison has repeatedly been met with outrage, with critics saying it downplays the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

European governments argue that steps need to be taken as a fourth wave is approaching fast. Protesters remain sceptical.

However, as the Delta variant causes a surge in new infections, vaccination registrations have soared in both countries. Recent opinion polls in Italy and France also suggest that more people approve of the measures than there are against them.

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