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We Tried To Warn You - This Is Getting Serious (2021)

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gepubliceerd op 08/Augustus/21 / In Nieuws & Politiek

1,000,000 MUST WATCH THIS - We Tried To Warn You

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From strange earth-changing events in the past week with a dramatic fire in the middle of the ocean in this video we will analyze Jaw Dropping Phenomena that will chill you to the bone. These are the most strange events happening on Earth in the past month or so. In this video we see blind birds falling from the sky to loud booms being heard throughout the world. We must start preparing for what is happening now. There are countless myths and legends of strange creatures that live but almost none of them have been caught on tape. This and much more. We analyze the most mysterious and creepy videos for your entertainment. Everyone must watch this.

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Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki Speech
You have no idea what is coming by Robert Kiyosaki We highly recommend his book

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CeNsUuReVrIj 1 jaar geleden

Citizens, who still take the information from Mainstream Media seriously, should at all times keep in mind what the main task of the MSM is. Each period requires a so-called main focus from the MSM.
Because the Corona Hype is now waning, because there is an exponential growth on a global level of evidence that Corona has NOTHING to do with health, the MSM has been instructed to focus mainly on climate.
Just as at the beginning of the corona crisis it was essential to come up with images that should have a traumatic and apocalyptic impact on the world population, it is now again the main task of the MSM to use the exact same tactics in Climate.
We will therefore see many videos in the coming period, in which people say that certain events have been greatly exaggerated by the MSM. Etc.
I don't want to say here that everything we see in this video didn't happen in real life, but it's about the WAY the MSM - so for example the way of editing and the wording of the presenters - the information they choose with the population shares !!
Because the MSM is a very heavily subsidized stronghold, which has not functioned independently for a long time, it is obliged at all times to follow and propagate the official economic / political narrative of the moment. Because we have learned from Corona that all information provided by the MSM was based on fear augmentation, we can assume that it MUST serve exactly the same purpose with the subject Climate.

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