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Christmas is over

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gepubliceerd op 27 Dec 2021 / In Film & Animatie

Christmas is evil ritual 😟

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CeNsUuReVrIj 5 maanden geleden

Very interesting !! Some of it I already kwew.
I stopped celebrating Çhristmas' some 15 years ago.
Even if you don't know anything about the genesis of "Christmas", I always thought it was a very hypocritical feast. All that giving was of course extra stimulated to increase the consumption behavior of the citizen during those periods. I thought it was so hypocritical, because it has become more and more of a commercial feast.
If you spend a lot of money on it, only then according to the conventions you have celebrated the feast properly and everyone with little money are loosers from that point of view.
But now I know there's much more to it.
Thanks for sharing.
The great thing about this current crisis is that a lot of things that are not right are coming to light.

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